Agents of HOST

Session Three - Rockies Four

In the aftermath of the terrorist attack in the Mandarin Oriental hotel, the CIA moved in and secured the area (after the danger had already been dealt with, in good American fashion). Paul Phoenix emerged and smoothed out any potential issues between D14 and the Americans; Williams asked that he share any intel gained from interrogating the terrorists.

With the wedding cut short and the guests whisked away, D14 also separated. Williams and Naama Admoni hired a hotel room to clean up and agreed to meet up with Mellor and Angela Wong later, for dinner (in the meantime, Williams went off to speak to former CIA Deputy Director James Phoenix, her, ‘Uncle Jimmy’). Cade played Paul Phoenix at squash and won.

Luchenko decided to get ‘drunk and naked’ and when asked with whom, coined the now classic phrase, ‘Does there need to be anyone else….?’ Appallingly, it later turned out the there would be others present, though, as Phoenix joined him for a night with hookers.

The next day, D14 reported to HOST headquarters for their next mission. Williams took the opportunity to sit down with an identikit artists to generate a likeness for the man she had seen in the hotel foyer just before the terrorist attack. It turned out he was linked to the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), and potentially to a rogue element within that organisation that had become involved in assassinations.

D14’s next mission was to be to locate Facility 12, a secret military base somewhere near Helena in the North-West of Montana, USA. This was the site that has been discovered to be using the Cook Book during the mission in Fort Dietrick; the objective was to move in and shut the operation down, removing any elements of the Cook Book plus any research materials found therein.

Luchenko’s former contacts in Russia came through and the team was able to find the base’s location via satellite intel. With a definite location, D14 decided to dispose with aliases and treat the mission like a straight black-ops military operation. Williams suggested Luchenko take the lead on the mission as it was essentially a soldiering exercise. Deploying to Alberta, Canada via a commercial flight, D14 picked up their equipment and two off-road vehicles and headed up into the Rockies. Across four days, the team travelled down through Canada, across the border into the US, and down to within thirty miles of Facility 12, staying within the concealment of the tree-line throughout.

With fatigue starting to tell, Williams scraped the side of her vehicle and not to be outdone, Luchenko wrote off the transmission on his vehicle, reducing the team to one vehicle for the eventual extraction. The team moved across the final distance on foot, planning on conducting surveillance initially, and then making the decision as to whether to attack. This choice was taken away from them, though, when they encountered a patrol consisting of three dogs and four soldiers.

Realising the need to take the soldiers out as quickly as possible, D14 deployed accordingly. Williams went up a tree and established a sniping position with Mellor guarding the base of the tree below her; Cade took up position behind the remaining vehicle, and Luchenko moved off to a flanking position.

D14 kicked off the proceedings by launching gas grenades at the patrol (with limited success). Williams injured all three dogs in her first volley. The soldiers returned fire and Mellor elected to charge them, confused as they were by the gas cloud. Williams cleared the dogs from his path, with a bullet to each of their brains, as he ran, and deposited a fourth into one of the soldiers. With the advantage of surprise, superior firepower, and gas, Mellor, Luchenko, and Cade overcame their opponents, binding the survivors.

A check-in call was heard from one of their radio’s, and Cade extra-ordinarily managed to persuade Facility 12 that he was the patrol soldier and that the ruckus had been an encounter with a bear, despite not being able to provide the day’s codeword.

D14 were left to consider their next move.



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