Agents of HOST

The Cookbook

Infiltrate, annoy, steal.

Objective: Retrieve “The Cookbook” from Fort Detrick in Virginia

Secondary Objective: Avoid discovery of our acquisition

Backup Objective: Destroy “The Cookbook”

Strategy: (Determined after two weeks of intelligence gathering in the area). Using FBI ID, gain access to Detrick and convince John Hopler (NSA) to arrange access to the USAMRIID facility we were interested in and contact with Jay Larson (who runs it).

Tommy Mellor to remain out of sight while rest of team elicits information to locate The Cookbook and keeps staff occupied.

Results: FBI credentials gained very low level access. Cover identities with more authority may have reduced red tape and sped up the mission.

Hopler convinced and provided us with access.

However, we were fobbed off with a low level functionary. After gaining some basic information about the structure of the operation from him, Williams convinced him that the situation deserved the attention of a superior.

Jay Larson was less helpful. Efforts to gain access to secure areas raised his suspicions. Hinting of knowledge of the Cookbook did raise some alarms with him. We expect to be tailed when we leave (counter strategy to be determined).

Mellor followed Larson back to his office where he made two phone calls. One arranging for us to be monitored and one that indicated that part of The Cookbook was in use at “Facility 12” in Michigan.

Current expectations are that he will check up on the status of The Cookbook providing Mellor with an opportunity to access it.

The rest of the team is currently enjoying Larson’s hospitality with a couple of babysitters. We will be avoiding raising further suspicion until such a time as Mellor completes his part in this mission or requires assistance.

Additions – N Williams:

My initial assessment was that this mission was next-to-impossible; what has facilitated it is the extra-ordinary resources HOST appears able to bring to bear. Three solid FBI aliases that (apparently) pass muster even when checked internally by the US authorities.

HOST has also been able to change the biometric details that the Americans have on record for me. WTF! Just what level of money and influence is behind HOST?!?!?

Marcus ommitted details of the covers we used during our observation / research phase in situ in Maryland: mine Sian Cariou (American model); he Mike Johnston (?), my manager; Tommy ‘Biff’ (British personal trainer); Dimitri ‘Dimitri’ (chemistry teacher). Frankly, as covers go, lounging around in sauna’s and getting my nails done is one of the better ones.

Note – we need to start thinking about potential ‘tits up’ outcomes. It remains possible that our cover will be blown by the suspicious Larson and we could end up with a fight on our hands. Our chances of surviving that would clearly be low; the only option I can see is to run a bluff – claim to have left a significant explosive charge somewhere in the building, which is linked to one of our mobile phones. Let us go or we blow it – do you want to take the risk of what might then be released into the cool Maryland air….?

Unlikely to be successful, but might be worth a go if we end up with our backs against the wall.

Hopefully it won’t come to that!


Good luck- and don’t get caught! Glad to see an adventure log from you guys!

The Cookbook

We’re going to need to work on that not-getting-caught thing….;)

The Cookbook

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