Nina Williams

Sassy smart-mouthed, high dexterity, 'sister doing it for herself'


Daughter of Richard Williams
Sister of Anna Fox (nee Williams)
God daughter of Javier Calderon


Protestant Irishwoman, raised in County Dublin.

Joined MI6 in 2002.

Mission history by year:


In the immediate aftermath of 9/11, MI6 (like most international agencies) is concentrating on Islamic terrorism, and Nina is deployed to the Middle East (based in Saudi Arabia, but visiting Iraq, Iran, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Israel) following up (and sometimes eliminating) Al Qaeda cells.


Nina mainly works as a liaison officer, drawing on her experiences in the Middle East, and working (mainly) with the CIA, Mossad, and the French DCRI, investigating potential terrorist cells, mainly in Afghanistan.


Being fluent in Spanish, and having extensive recent experience of Islamic terrorism, Nina (22) is seconded to Spain for six months, to work with the CNI on the aftermath of the Madrid train bombing. The investigation culminates in the elimination of a substantial Al Qaeda cell (this never makes the news), during which Nina’s sniper skills prove very useful.


Everything changes, following the 7/7 London bombings. Many foreign-based operatives, including Nina (23) are recalled to the UK and begin to work closely with MI5 to specifically target imminent dangers to the nation.

Professionally, Nina becomes involved with the Special Boat Squadron (the SBS) who are countering Al Qaeda’s new tactic of moving contraband items by sea and river (this never made the news). Nina learns scuba-diving, boat-work, and aquatic combat techniques (armed and unarmed).


Nina (24) works mainly abroad, working in India investigating the Mumbai train bombings, and Somalia, countering emerging Islamic terrorism.


Nina (25) is deployed to Israel, becoming involved in the tense West Bank situation (again countering emergent Al Qaeda cells, amongst the Palestinians). Works extensively with Mossad. Nina’s hand-to-hand skills are tested extensively, as in many situations, its impossible to go in with a firearm.


Nina is deployed to Russia, as a result of the Russian / Georgian war. Makes a pleasant change from dealing with Islamic terrorism. Works with old friend Marcus Jonathan “Deuce” Kade Junior and new ally Dimitri Barbarossa Luchenko.


Back to Israel as the Gaza conflict escalates.

Nina (27) goes undercover for the first time, as Jessica Morris (a political journalist), to investigate international funding for terrorism. Starts to appreciate the appalling immorality that is common amongst global financiers.


In January, Richard Williams dies of a heart attack.

Nina (28) and Anna Fox (nee Williams)(26) are devastated.

Nina is told by her MI6 bosses that there is nothing to investigate and is expressly forbidden from doing so.


The year is dominated by the events in Libya. MI6 consider a desperate Colonel Gadaffi (long considered a risk by worldwide security forces) to be capable of just about anything. Nina, along with her (now) brother-in-law, Steve Fox, are deployed to Libya to counter potential bio-warfare threats.


Nina is currently wanted by the British government on charges of selling classified information on the open market.


Discovered that she, and the group of friends she grew up with, may represent the culmination of a decades-long genetical manipulation project. Not overly happy about it and planning multiple future fatalities as payback….

Can’t dance.

Works with charities for wounded soldiers

Likes tea (two sugars), Irish stout (Murphys), and donuts.

Nina Williams

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