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  • Paul Phoenix

    Born in Virginia, USA, son of former Deputy Director of the CIA, James Phoenix. A violent, sadistic individual and suspected psychopath. Aged sixteen, he almost killed an adult man in a random incident at a train station (this was covered up by his …

  • Matt Wheeler

    Wheeler was suspected of being in league with his agency partner (Jake McCain) in a scheme involving selling US secrets. He was cleared (McCain is currently on holiday in Gitmo).

  • James Phoenix

    Former deputy director of the CIA. Retired, based in Langley, Virginia, United States of America. Left office controversially during Dubya's presidency. Respected and feared in equal amounts by his contemporaries. Lives on a ranch (200 acres) …

  • Bruce Irvin

    Navy SEAL. Raised in Seattle. Physically formiddable; heavily muscled and 6'4". A master martial artist, trained in a savage pre-ring version of Muay Thai, developed by his father. A specialist in military assaults and counter-terrorism.

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