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  • Marcus James Kade Sr.

    Father of [[:deuce | Deuce]]. Last seen entering a warehouse during an operation involving [[Golden Age Society | Golden Age Society]]. Presumed killed when the warehouse exploded minutes later.

  • Elizabeth Carter

    Mother of [[:deuce | Deuce]] and ex-wife of [[:marcus-james-kade-sr | Kade Sr.]]. A popular author, she has spent the time since her husband's death continuing her career in the cultural arena and enjoying life. She has not had contact with her son …

  • Lucas Goldman

    Long serving MI6 agent. Living in happy retirement in southern France writing crossword puzzles for a national (UK) newspaper.

  • Steve Fox

    Raised in Lancashire by his father, ex-SAS Major Ben Fox. Joined MI6 in 2003. Based in London, working on a variety of cases, most recently Libya Irritated by his resemblence to Luke Goss.

  • Tommy Mellor

    Interests include: flower arranging; interior design; musicals of the 60s and 70s; leather chaps; interpretive dance; drinking Baby Cham. Fanatical supporter of Millwall FC.

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