You are all experts in your chosen field. For various reasons, you have left the organisations that have trained you and used your skills. Outlaws in your own countries, one organisation gave you asylum – HOST!

No one knows who built HOST. No one knows how it is bankrolled. All that matters is that is an international organisation with one goal – the betterment of mankind. Agents are split into small cells of between 3 and 6 agents and given total autonomy on missions. Independent of any nation, they have no political motivations. They do what they do simply because it is best for the people.

In the event of discovery, HOST agents are not disavowed because they are not recognised. Instead, opposing organisations, such as the CIA, MI6, Mossad, the FSB, SEAL Team 6, the SAS and others too numerous to mention, try to eliminate HOST agents where possible and arrest them where it is not.

Stationed in Hong Kong, the headquarters of HOST, the agents are troubleshooters, sent to wherever there is trouble and resolve conflicts. They are found in Colombia, combating the narcotics trade, Libya, helping the rebels throw down Gaddafi’s regime, keeping a watchful eye on North Korea’s nuclear weapons programme and a thousand other hot spots around the world.

Agents of HOST

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