Agents of HOST

Session Eight

We’ve got the Phoenixes worried.

After escaping from the hotel, we made our way to clean safe house to recover and plan our next move. While we were doing so, Paul made contact and offered us a deal. Nina and Dimitri could join his side, and I would be allowed to live if I turned over all of Dad’s safe houses.

Either something is in one of them that I didn’t find during my last search, or Paul thinks there is.

After turning down that option, we were left with three more: See if we could find whatever Paul wanted (without knowing what it was or if it existed), follow up Adolf’s lead and raid another high security US facility, or go straight for the jugular and try to grab Jimmy Phoenix.

We picked option 3.

New passports, new appearance, and a trip through the chunnel so we could depart from a non-UK airport and we were on our way to Virginia.

After pondering a number of alternatives, we decided that the best time to grab him would be on the way back from his weekly poker game, so we took up positions outside the hotel to watch for his arrival.

Problem number 1: Minders. Unfortunately, three of them were waiting in the car with a good view of Jimmy’s vehicle. No doubt the security inside the hotel as going to be sufficient without adding more men.

Still, the problem was easily solved. The car would provide cover, so all we needed to do was get Dimitri underneath with his screwdriver without being spotted. One quick adjustment to the junction box later to provide a couple of seconds of darkness and nothing could go wrong.

Nothing except Dimitri catching his trouser leg on something sharp and sprawling out in front of the watchers.

They were easy to deal with, but not before they raised the alarm and changed out mission from a simple piece of sabotage and tracking to a off-the-cuff snatch and grab.

Cue much running up and down corridors, exploding canisters of fire extinguisher foam, dead or crippled secret service agents, mid-combat corpse looting (thank-you Dimitri) and so on.

We eventually reached a stand-off, and Jimmy offered us a deal … one remarkably similar to the one Paul had offered us. Those files of my father’s seem very important to them.

This time we took the deal. No commitments yet, but hopefully we’ll get some answers. If they try to kill us en-route, then we should be able to take out the goons and I can fly us out of here. The wild card is Jimmy, he looks much younger then a man of his age should look, much younger then he looked a couple of months ago in Hong Kong, he is certainly very dangerous.

I doubt killing us on the way is there plan. Far better for them to put us slap-bang in the middle of enemy territory, a position that seems par for the course for us these days.

Oh, and it seems Adolf is working for Jimmy. Looks like we were being led around by the nose by my last suspect. I can’t imagine what he thought he would gain from that approach to showing us his operation … other than massive property damage of course.


S’funny you should say this, Marcus, because I think you’re right about that last point – but you’re also wrong.

I think Adolph Lepus is certainly involved in the same project as Jimmy Phoenix (new world order / meet the aliens / the Masons, whatever the feck it is) but I think his agenda may just be somewhat different.

Don’t know if you clocked it, but when I mentioned Lepus maybe acting on our behalf against Jimmy’s cause (during the dust-up in the hotel in London), he was VERY interested. So I let nothing more go, but that was clearly news to Jimmy, and not news he was happy hearing.

Looks like the proverbial might be about to hit the fan for everyone….

Session Eight

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