Agents of HOST

Session Six

Bitchin' in the Kitchen

Having concluded their business in Russia, D14 (minus Mellor who had remained there, for personal reasons) headed to Britain, initially flying into the Midlands, so as to re-unite Cade with his mother. Driving to rural Nottinghamshire, Cade approached his mother’s house, whilst Williams and Luchenko remained with the vehicle. Cade was shocked when his mother commented, casually, that, James Phoenix had mentioned that he might be visiting. Little else was revealed, other than that Cade Senior had had a falling out of some sort with Williams’ father, Richard, in the past. She also mentioned that she had become fond of James Phoenix since Cade Senior’s death, and indicated that he had been supportive to her.

Returning to the car, Cade commented that his mother had been unable to provide any more information about his father’s pre-death investigations, so he proposed to check out some of his caches in London. Williams proposed an addition to their schedule: she wanted to contact her sister, Anna, both because she believed she had the right to know the truth, and because she considered it prudent to include someone outside D14 ‘in the know’.

All agreed, they took the M1 down towards London. En route, another major curve ball came D14’s way: the facial scanning software that Cade had set in motion the week before in Hong Kong abruptly delivered two unexpected results, about an hour apart. A ‘duplicate’ of Williams arrived at Heathrow on a flight from Italy; an hour later, a ‘duplicate’ of Luchenko arrived on a flight from America. In the same period, Paul Phoenix arrived, again, travelling from the States.

Despite being unnerved, D14 observed good protocol, and stopped at a service station to secure the means of manufacturing basic disguises (hair dye etc) in order to foil the possibility of low-level surveillance registering them in London. Back on the motorway, Williams phoned her sister, using the Progeny’s pre-agreed standing communications code (speaking individual designation number, and only proceeding if answered by the recipient’s equivalent). She was shocked when Anna mentioned speaking to her twice before that day, in the previous hour, and realised that it must have been her copy that had made contact. The copy had used the correct Progeny communication code, indicating that the Cabal would seem to be involved in the current phases of the cloning project.

Despite the antipathy between the two women, Anna agreed to meet with Nina, and the two exchanged a pre-established meeting code, Mahogany 6, which meant a nondescript bistro in North London, at ten o’clock that same evening. With hostilities starting to develop between the two sisters, Cade instead made a follow-up call (to check a detail) and was alarmed to hear Anna talking about ‘complications with the cousins.’ He correctly interpreted this to mean, ‘the Americans’ and ended the call, telling her to keep him posted on developments. He then phoned an old contact in MI6, Joe Smith, to check on Anna’s status; Smith informed him that she had gone into a meeting with the recently-arrived Paul Phoenix. Nina was deeply concerned, but aware that there was little she could do for her sister and the best option was to stick to the plan.

Arriving in London around seven o’clock, D14 headed to one of Cade’s old caches and picked up a firearm and basic protective jacket each. They then headed for the scheduled meeting with Anna; in situ, Luchenko took up an observational position on a low roof opposite, whilst Williams and Cade went inside.

Right on time, Anna arrived outside the restaurant, by bus. Inside, without any preamble, Nina handed her a mobile phone with pictures of the child versions of the two sisters in tubes from Facility 12. Initially sceptical, Anna was eventually convinced by the pair of them. When quizzed she mentioned that Paul Phoenix had called the meeting to discuss terrorist concerns re the forthcoming London Olympics. She noted that he had oddly commented that, ‘the Williams sisters are always welcome at Area 51’; she hadn’t known what he meant at the time…

Outside, Luchenko observed a 4×4 vehicle, with smoked glass windows, cruising the area: surely a potential threat. Nina passed the information on to her sister, and cautioned her to be very careful who she talked to about what she’d been told. Preparing to leave, Luchenko communicated through that two individuals in long-coats were approaching, probably armed. Nina, Anna, and Marcus rushed through the kitchen, intending to duck out the back. Cade shattered the bolted back door with a single kick, but the delay proved enough for their pursuers to catch up with them in the kitchen and draw out shotguns. Nina was hit in the chest by a shot and though her armour protected her from serious harm, the impact temporarily stunned her. Cade dragged her outside, whilst Anna took up a defensive position by the door. Regaining her composition, Nina, took up a position on the opposite side of doorway, whilst Cade started moving a massive garbage container across the alleyway, to block the door.

Reacting to the sound of gunfire, meanwhile, Luchenko leapt down from the rooftop and raced towards the restaurant. Inside, a firefight had broken out, with the two men shooting Nina through the brick wall, while Anna returned fire with her own hand-gun. Cade manouevred the garbage container in front of the doorway at the same time that Luchenko burst into the front of the bistro and opened fire. Facing a ferocious counter-attack, Luchenko called for back-up. Forced to alter their plan, Cade shifted the garbage container out of the way, and Williams dove back into the kitchen and charged the two men. Anna, meanwhile, withdrew up the alleyway.

There followed a brutal hand-to-hand battle between D14 and their assailants. Whereas one was clearly a low-level foot-soldier (quickly immobilised by atemi strikes from Cade) the other proved to be a formidable opponent, establishing his combat potency by healing himself from a Nina-strike that would have killed a lesser man (shattering his sternum and several ribs, as it did).

It was finally only the combined efforts of Cade’s atemi strikes, Luchenko’s Sambo moves, and Williams’ brutal Muay Thai techniques that put him down. After a full minute’s ferocious combat in the kitchen, Williams landed a flying shin kick across his jaw that collapsed his skull and cracked his spine at the neck. He was dead before he hit the floor.

Alerted to the oncoming arrival of more men (presumably from the 4×4) via a text from Anna, Williams photographed the face of their prone opponent, while Cade picked up paralysed form of the other man.

D14 then hurriedly left the kitchen and headed for their vehicle.



Two personal codes and a visual cue were agreed, as insurance against inflitration by the clone(s) who might cross our paths.

Nina and Anna, realising that their longheld Progeny communications protocols had been breached, decided on a new one for them, based on their star signs: Nina = Pisces, Anna = Virgo.

Earlier, Dimitri and Nina had agreed a simple code to identify them (if D14 were ever separated for a period of time); Dimitri = 41, Nina = 42.

Lastly, Marcus felt the need for a visual means of potentially identifying duplicates of the two of them. On Nina’s suggestion, he purchased cheap, yet distinctive, rings, which both of them now wear.

Session Six

Clones are a pain! Good luck!

Session Six

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