Agents of HOST

Session Two

Cook books and weddings

Williams, Luchenko, and Kade (using FBI aliases) were left in the reception area, in Fort Detrick, having successfully inserted their colleague, Mellor, within the interior of the facility. With no further business (per their cover story) to pursue, the three of them left and returned to their car, outside. Williams was reluctant to leave Mellor completely without back-up, but all agreed that they had raised some suspicion with their visit and remaining on the base any longer would only increase that suspicion.

Williams texted Mellor to ask if he required anything further from the three of them, and received the reply, ‘Groovy.’ Taking this to be his peculiar way of saying he was fine, Williams, Luchenko, and Kade withdrew from the base, drove to Washington DC, and swapped to a back-up car, using a multi-story car-park (on the basis that they were likely being followed).

Mellor got in touch by text the next day, and it was agreed that since it was likely he would come under extreme scrutiny as a result of the action on the base, communications between him and the rest of the group were to be conducted via the cover of personal exercise sessions with William’s cover, the American model Sian Cariou. The precautions were proven worthwhile, as Mellor’s home was turned over by the FBI within a day.

Mellor revealed to Williams that he had obtained the Cook Book (a massive stack of folders and files, plus a hard-drive) but had not been able to remove them from the base, having been forced to bury them, in a hold-all, instead. The group developed a plan that Mellor would start teaching Paracise classes (in his role as a fitness instructor on the base) so that he could be seen with a heavy hold-all on his back without arousing suspicion. Once this was established, the group arranged to physically extract the hold-all, covered by a temporary surveillance blank-out engineered by Luchenko. The Cook Book files were subsequently scanned and transmitted, the originals destroyed, and the hard-drive fedexed to HOST.

Tying up the details of their covers, Delta 14 then made their way separately back to Hong Kong. The rest of February was quiet, with no mention made of the Cook Book.

On the 27th, all of Delta 14 had coincidentally been invited to a wedding.

Michelle Chang and Sergei Dragunov, two childhood friends of Williams, were getting married in Hong Kong. Chang is an operative in China’s CSS organisation and Dragunov a major in the Russian Spetznaz. Kade had been invited as William’s plus one; Mellor as Angela Wong Mei Wah‘s plus one; Luchenko had been a colleague of Dragunov’s, in the Spetznaz, and was also acquainted with his father, Dmitry. It was also revealed that it was William’s thirtieth birthday; she received gifts from Kade and Luchenko.

The wedding was a mixture of Chinese, Native American, and Russian traditions, with gifts of money being given to the bride in traditional red envelopes.

Also present at the wedding were:

The Phoenix’s: Paul Phoenix (a CIA section chief; there was clearly some friction between him and Williams) and James Phoenix (a former Deputy director of the CIA).

The Calderons: Javier Calderon (William’s godfather),Franceso ‘Cesc’ Calderon, and Antonio Calderon. Williams had a friendly, flirty relationship with the sons; Kade had met them before, while stationed in Madrid in 2006.

The Mishima’s: Heihachi Mishima,Kazuya Mishima, and Jin Mishima. The group witnessed the Mishima’s formally present a beautiful katana to Williams, engraved in Japanese along the blade.

The Irvins: Gregory Irvin (William’s Muay Thai instructor) and Bruce Irvin.

The Kurmanns: Oliver, Anneberth, and Andreas.

The Changs: Wu Yeo Chang (father of the bride and William’s Kung Fu sifu), Jennifer Rainbird (mother of the bride) and Michelle Chang (sister of the bride).

The Admoni’s: Nahum, Hila, and Naama Admoni. There were subtle signs of a romantic relationship between Naama and Nina.

The Fox’s: Ben Fox, Steve Fox, and Anna Fox (nee Williams) (William’s sister).

There was a great deal of security at the wedding, presumably due to the presence of many current and former high-ranking intelligence service agents and operatives.

Various photographs are taken during the day and at one point, one is composed of Paul Phoenix, Nina Williams, Anna Fox, Steve Fox, Julia Chang, Michelle Chang, Sergei Dragunov, Andreas Kurmann, Anneberth Kurmann, Kazuya Mishima, Jin Mishima, Bruce Irvin, Naama Admoni, Hila Admoni, Cesc Calderon, and Antonio Calderon (all childhood friends). Curiously, Kade and Luchenko were asked to join the group for the photo.

Mellor was apparently acquainted with some of the Russian guests and was seen exchanging contentious words with them, at one point.

Noticing some activity in the security personnel, Williams intuited that there might be a situation developing. Alerting the rest of Delta 14, she (and Naama Admoni) followed them outside, where they were seen dragging a man out of a car. Suspecting a decoy, the group returned rapidly to the wedding, where Luchenko and Mellor noted a suspicious change in the waiters. Faking a stumble, Luchenko tackled one of the men and caused him to spill his serving tray, revealing a MK5 assault rifle.

This led to a short, brutal encounter between Delta 14 (with Naama Admoni) and twelve armed terrorists in the corridor outside the wedding room. The good guys were victorious and suffered no casualties, although Kade was knocked down by gunfire.



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